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Beat The Competition with Video Reviews that are Done For You

"Now you can beat your competition with professionally done for you video reviews. These review videos will showcase your written or video testimonies from your customers/members/clients/guests, etc.... Wondering how this is done for you? Find out how by clicking on the sample review videos below."

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Viral Business Sales:

Business Sales

Sales is the life blood of your business. But sales can be had the viral easy way or the hard way. Sales can be done correctly or incorrectly. Did you know,

Every Year on average you lose 14% of your customers. So you always need to keep prospecting for leads. Source:

Nurturing and then closing a lead increases the size of their purchase by 47% over non- nurtured leads. Source: The Annuitas Group

50% of sales go to the first salesman or woman to contact the the lead, so the early bird really does catch the worm.. Source:

Only 2% of the time does a cold call turn into an appointment. So you need better ways to find decision makers. Source: Leap Job - Viral marketing is a better way don't you think?

Email Marketing can give you twice the return on investment (ROI) of cold calling, or networking or trade shows. Email Marketing done right is the easy way. Source: MarketingSherpa 12

About 91% of buyers say they do give referrals when asked for them. However, only about 11% of the sales force asks for referrals. Source: Dale Carnegie.  - This could be the beginnings of a viral storm of leads that you are missing out on.

The Experts at can help you set up viral systems to make selling easier for you and your sales people.

Done For You - Quick and Easy Too

" is expert at producing these Video Reviews - done for you. The process is quick and easy on your part. Let do it for you. You just fill out a form with your info and the great review you want showcased and the rest is taken care of in producing your Video Reviews.

Reputation Marketing Videos are an important part of helping you beat your competition and therefore an important part of the Triple (3x) Your Leads Program Net and Tv have for you."

Viral Video Marketing Promotions:

Video marketing Images

Social video marketing plans are designed to increase audience engagement through a given video. Video marketing ad campaigns are good for viral marketing

Business retailers that use online video marketing say that they sell a lot more products in campaigns with video than in product campaigns without video. And adding viral components can make it better.

According to some research done with Online Publishers Association 80% of Internet users recall watching a video advertisement on a website they visited over the previous 30 days; and 46% of that 80% of users took action once viewing the ad. In fact,

26% sought out more info concerning the subject matter of the video;
22% went to the website displayed in the ad;
15% visited the company brand in the video ad;
And 12% bought the item featured in the video advertisement.
80% Of Your Website Visitors will watch your video, but only about 20% will read your webpage content entirely.

Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a company's goods or contract offering (Products and Services) after watching a video, then if a video is not use on the website.

Research Shows that when marketers include a marketing or ex-plainer video in their email, the click-through rate increased from 200% to 300%.

WYP can help you with marketing to your audience through viral Video to get more leads and sales.

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Viral Marketing:

Viral Ads

Viral marketing is creating and promoting an idea that spreads, and the spreading helps you to market your business. Viral marketing advertising using sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter and others is important to increasing your brand awareness.

Viral Videos are a great way to start viral sharing. You can use them to appeal to potential buyers to connect with others around your brand. Viral promos are great for using humor to get people to laugh and share a positive funny experience with others around your brand. Further you can use viral videos to get across to people a sense of urgency to purchase what you are selling. Also they are a good way to convey information that help you establish trust in you and your company. And all of this and more can be done in a simple and easy way with viral marketing through videos.

In the eBook The New Rules of Viral Marketing: How word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free, David Meerman Scott says, “Viral marketing success comes from self-publishing Web content that people want to share. It’s not about gimmicks. It’s not about paying an agency to interrupt others. It’s about harnessing word-of-mouse, the most empowering form of marketing there is.”

Let the pros at WYP help you to receive the benefits of spreading the word about your business by viral means.

Youtube Marketing:

Youtube Market

Youtube is a giant viral video sharing platform that is a must to market on for any business owner that is looking for more leads and sales.

Research shows,
There are 60 hours of video uploaded every minute on Youtube;
Youtube has over 4 billion videos viewed every day;
Youtube can boost to having 800 million plus unique visitors each month;
More than 3 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every month;
In 2011 alone YouTube had over 1 trillion views;
Also in 2011 there were about 140 video views for every person on the planet.

Going viral on YouTube lets business owners like you show off their items and offerings for sale. As a business owner you can use YouTube to allow potential buyers to see your products in action before they buy and they can make your offering go viral.

For those on a low budget for advertising Youtube offers free hosting and search for your viral marketing videos. For those wishing to take advantage of it Youtube has paid advertising options so speed up the viral benefits of your video marketing efforts.

You can use YouTube as a tool to share your information with customers, and engage with potential buyers and customers. can help you use Youtube to your best viral advantage in getting more leads for sales of your goods.

Social Media:

With social media contacts not posting enough on the social site i.e. posting irregularly or one or two times a week usually isn't really enough to remain on the minds of your social media following to ensure that you'll be their main source in their time of need. So, it is best to rfrequently supply them with content that fulfills their demands and also interests (material they can relate to or perhaps speak for or against), instead of sending them a lot of non-benefit driven promos.

Also it is important with Social Media followers not to placing them on the back burner. Not responding to your social media queries or pertinent remarks is a BIG blunder. Why not to do this is very easy to see a prompt response is a basic expectation of your potential social media customers and patrons. If a patron calls your workplace with a question, you should recognize they by nature don't like to be kept waiting for very long to don't do it. Do not place your fans off and on hold. Be diligent by replying to your social media fans' questions both on and offline to make a positive connection with your social media friends.

Don't have an absence of Imagination. Competitors are fierce in the social media marketplace. To make it through, you need to go past the norm with innovation or you take a chance on becoming outdated. So be innovative - get your social media contact's to focus on you via being funny, suprising and motivational, as well as even giving them deals they cannot reject. Offer them the opportunity to ask appropriate questions, jar their imagination, awe them, as well as startle them with something different.

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